This is the table of contents of California Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act.  The California RULLCA replaced in its entirety the prior California limited liability company law called the Beverly-Killea Limited Liability Company Act.  The entire text of the California RULLCA may be viewed online.

Article 1. General Provisions

Section 17701.01  Introduction
Section 17701.02  Definitions
Section 17701.03  this section does not exist
Section 17701.04  Explanation of the LLC
Section 17701.05  Powers granted to the LLC
Section 17701.06  What California law governs
Section 17701.07  Rules of construction
Section 17701.08  LLC name
Section 17701.09  Reservation of name
Section 17701.10  Role of operating agreement
Section 17701.11  Operating agreements effect on nonmembers
Section 17701.12  Operating agreement may require approval of nonmember
Section 17701.13  Designation of office and agent of service of process
Section 17701.14  Changing the designated office
Section 17701.15  Discontinuing the agent for service of process
Section 17701.16  How process is served upon LLC
Section 17701.17  Consent to non-exclusive jurisdiction

Article 2. Formation: Articles of Organization and Other Filing

Section 17702.01  Articles of organization
Section 17702.02  Amendment of Articles of organization
Section 17702.03  Signing of record delivered to California Secretary of State
Section 17702.04  Documents to be signed and filed pursuant to court order
Section 17702.05  Effective date of delivery and filing of records
Section 17702.06  Correcting a filed record
Section 17702.07  Liability for inaccurate information
Section 17702.08 this section does not exist
Section 17702.09  Statement of Information
Section 17702.10  Filing date

Article 3. Relations of Members and Managers to Persons Dealing with a Limited Liability Company

Section 17703.01  When a member is an agent of the LLC
Section 17703.02 this section does not exist
Section 17703.03 this section does not exist
Section 17703.04  Liability of members and managers

Article 4. Relations of Members to Each Other and to the Limited Liability Company

Section 17704.01  Ability to become a member
Section 17704.02  Contribution definition
Section 17704.03  Obligation to contribute
Section 17704.04  Division of profits and losses without operating agreement
Section 17704.05  Limitations on distributions
Section 17704.06  Liability of members for wrongful distribution
Section 17704.07  Member managed versus manager managed LLC
Section 17704.08  Indemnification
Section 17704.09  Fiduciary duties
Section 17704.10  Rights to information

Article 5. Transferable Interests and Rights of Transferees and Creditors

Section 17705.01  Transferable interest is personal property
Section 17705.02  Transferability of membership interests
Section 17705.03  Charging orders
Section 17705.04  Exercising rights of deceased member

Article 6. Member’s Dissociation

Section 17706.01  Wrongful dissociation
Section 17706.02  Causes of dissociation
Section 17706.03  Effects of dissociated person

Article 7. Dissolution and Winding Up

Section 17707.01  Causes of dissolution
Section 17707.02  Certificate of cancellation
Section 17707.03  Judicial dissolution
Section 17707.04  Winding up LLC’s affairs
Section 17707.05  Distribution of assets
Section 17707.06  Continuation of dissolved LLC
Section 17707.07  Causes of action
Section 17707.08  Certificate of dissolution
Section 17707.09  Certificate of continuation

Article 8. Foreign Limited Liability Companies

Section 17708.01  Governing law
Section 17708.02  Application for certificate of registration
Section 17708.03  LLC activities not constituting transacting business
Section 17708.04  Filing of the certificate o registration
Section 17708.05  Foreign LLC with noncomplying name
Section 17708.06  Cancellation of certificate of registration
Section 17708.07  Effect of foreign LLC without certificate of registration
Section 17708.08  California members in foreign LLCs
Section 17708.09  Action by Attorney General

Article 9. Actions by Members

Section 17709.01  Member ability to bring action
Section 17709.02  Action requirements

Article 10. Merger and Conversion

Section 17710.01  Definitions
Section 17710.02  LLC conversion to a foreign business entity
Section 17710.03  Plan of conversion
Section 17710.04  When conversion is effective
Section 17710.05  Governing law of conversion
Section 17710.06  Certificate of conversion
Section 17710.07  Real property
Section 17710.08  Foreign LLC converted to domestic LLC
Section 17710.09  Conversion to another entity
Section 17710.10  Governing law of mergers
Section 17710.11  Allowable mergers
Section 17710.12  Approval of the merger
Section 17710.13  Exceptions to 17710.12(b)
Section 17710.14  Certificate of merger
Section 17710.15  Effective date
Section 17710.16  Surviving LLC rights
Section 17710.17  Differences in foreign and domestic surviving companies
Section 17710.18  Real property rights
Section 17710.19  Assumption of liability

Article 11. Dissenters’ Rights

Section 17711.01  Reorganization and control definitions
Section 17711.02  Member rights to require purchase of dissenting interest
Section 17711.03  Purchase of membership interest and notice of reorganization
Section 17711.04  Submission of notice of purchase of dissenting interest
Section 17711.05  Agreement of purchase of dissenting interest
Section 17711.06  Judicial relief for disagreement on purchase of dissenting interest
Section 17711.07  Fair market value of membership interest
Section 17711.08  Dissenting members as creditors to the LLC
Section 17711.09  Cash distributions
Section 17711.10  Rights of dissenting members
Section 17711.11  Loss of dissenting interest status
Section 17711.12  Proceedings suspended due to litigation
Section 17711.13  Types of LLCS that Article 11 applies to
Section 17711.14  Right of member to dispute validity of reorganization

Article 12. Class Provisions

Section 17712.01  Creation of classes of members

Article 13. Miscellaneous Provisions

Section 17713.01  Application of this uniform act
Section 17713.02  Electronic signatures
Section 17713.03  Title does not affect action before this title takes effect
Section 17713.04  Application of this title to existing LLCs
Section 17713.05  Possibility of amendments and repeals
Section 17713.06  Failure to execute or file documents
Section 17713.07  Failure to maintain documents
Section 17713.08  Penalties in addition to injunction
Section 17713.09  Penalties and notice of delinquencies
Section 17713.10  Suspensions
Section 17713.11  Penalties and suspensions applicability to foreign LLCs
Section 17713.12  LLC liable for a civil penalty
Section 17713.13  Effective date of this title