Two Step Payment Process

When you hire Keyt & Keyt, LLP (“K & K”), to provide legal services and will pay by credit card you authorize K & K to do the following:

  • Submit your credit card information to K & K’s credit card processing company.
  • Ask that your credit card provider authorize the payment to K & K of the amount you agreed to pay for legal services.  If the request if approved, the amount authorized by your credit card provider will be set aside and reserved for payment to K & K for thirty days.
  • If your credit card provider declines to authorize the payment we will notify you and decline to provide the legal services until your credit card provider authorizes the payment.
  • If your credit card provider authorizes the payment, we will provide the legal services.
  • On completion of the legal services we will process your credit card against and ask your credit card provider actually pay the amount previously authorized.  This is called a “capture” transaction.
  • When the authorized amount is captured, your credit card account will be charged.