Thanks for hiring California LLC attorney Richard Keyt, JD, M.S. (accounting) and his law firm Keyt & Keyt, LLP, to form your new California LLC.  If you have any questions about your new LLC call Richard C. Keyt (480-664-7472) or his father LLC attorney Richard Keyt (480-664-7478) .

Payment for Your LLC

To pay for your new LLC click on the appropriate link below to go to our store where you can pay for your new LLC.

Follow these steps to process your credit card:

  • Click on the red icon that says “Add to Cart.”
  • Next click on the blue text that says “View Cart” or put your cursor on the main menu that says “LLC Store” then click your cursor on the word “Cart.”
  • Next click on the red icon that says “Proceed to Checkout.”
  • Enter your contact and credit card information.
  • Click on the red icon that says “Place Order.”

If you don’t’ want to use our secure online payment system then call one of the people listed below an give your credit card information over the phone.

  • Richard C. Keyt (the son) – 480-664-7472
  • Richard Keyt (the father) – 480-664-7478
  • Legal assistant 480-664-7936

If your transaction is approved your credit card issuer will hold in reserve for up to 30 days the amount of money for your services.  We will not be paid until after we form your LLC and deliver the LLC documents.  When that happens we will do a capture transaction with our credit card merchant provider that will cause the amount of your fee to be taken from your account and paid to us.

Sequence of LLC Formation Events

Here is what will happen during the next several weeks:

  • We sent you an email message with all of the information you submitted to us in your LLC Formation Questionnaire.  If the message is not in your inbox then check your spam folder.  Double check the information you entered into the Questionnaire. If the Questionnaire contains any errors or omits any information, click the Reply button and send an email message to Richard Keyt with a copy to LLC legal assistant [email protected] and give us the correct and/or missing information.

  • If we have any questions about your LLC Formation Questionnaire or find a problem we will contact the person named as the contact person in the Questionnaire.

  • We hand file Articles of Organization for new LLCs with the California Secretary of State once a week on the last business day of the week (the “Filing Day”). If we receive all needed information and your credit card was authorized before 8 am the day before the Filing Day, we will form your LLC the next filing day.
  • Your LLC will be born and can begin conducting as of the date the Articles of Organization are approved by the California Secretary of State.  The California SoS will review Articles of Organization approximately one week after it receives the Articles.  For current SOS review times see the SOS’s processing time schedule.
  • On the day the California SoS approves the Articles of Organization or the next business day we will email to the LLC’s contact person a copy of the Articles of Organization with the California SoS’s stamp on it.  The date stamped on the Articles is the date on which the LLC is formed and can begin engaging in business.
  • You will need a copy of the Articles of Organization with the SoS’s stamp to open the LLC’s bank account.
  • The next business day after we file the Articles of Organization we will upload all of the LLC documents to a secure location in the cloud or to the LLC’s contact person if you LLC declined cloud storage of the documents.
  • After we have formed the LLC and delivered the documents, we will capture your credit card information and you credit card issuer will charge your account and pay us for the services.
  • This completes our LLC formation services.

Thanks again for hiring Keyt & Keyt, LLP.