California’s Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act Section 17708-03(b) expressly states that none of the following activities of an LLC formed outside California do not constitute doing business in California:

1. Suing or defending a lawsuit, being a party of an arbitration or an or an administrative proceeding or settling a dispute or claim.

2. Conducting internal affairs activities such as holding meetings of managers or members.

3. Having a bank account or investment account in a California institution.

4. Having an office or agency in California for the purpose of transferring, exchanging and registering the LLC’s securities.

5. Selling products or services using independent contractors located in California.

6. Soliciting orders from customers inside California by electronic methods, by mail, by agents or employees if the order must be accepted outside California before the order become a legally binding contract.

7.  Incurring a debt, acquiring a debt or evidence of indebtedness or obtaining a lien, security interest or mortgage in personal property or real property.

8. Collecting a debt, enforcing a lien or mortgage and holding property acquired from a foreclosure.

9. Consummating a one-time transaction within 180 days that is not part of a series of transactions of a similar nature.

10. Engaging in interstate commerce business.

California RULLCA Section 17708-03(d) states that you are not transacting business in California merely because you are a member or manager of a California limited liability company or a foreign LLC that is registered to do business in California.