Why Form an LLC?

Question: I understand that if I form a limited liability company to operate my business and I am the only person who provides services on behalf of the business that I can be sued and be liable for my acts or omissions that cause harm to third parties. Instead of forming an LLC, can’t I just load up on insurance and not form an LLC to operate my business?

Answer: Yes, but it could be a costly mistake. When you operate a business, commercial insurance is always your first line of defense. Your business should never operate without appropriate insurance coverage. Consult with several experienced business insurance agents and get their advice as to the type of insurance and the coverage amounts that are appropriate for your particular business. Always buy as much insurance as you can afford of the type that is appropriate for your specific type of business.

You operate a business through a limited liability company because it is your second line of defense against things that can go wrong with the business. What if you have insurance and the insurance coverage is denied? What if a plaintiff gets a judgment that exceeds the amount of insurance coverage? If you don’t form an LLC to operate your business and a plaintiff gets a judgment that exceeds the amount of your insurance coverage against you as the owner/defendant, all of your personal assets are at risk and could be lost

Fundamental Fact of Business Life: Without an LLC to operate your business, you are 100% liable for every thing that goes wrong. Do you really want to be in that position and have all of your life savings at risk? It’s hard to predict how liability may arise, but if you operate the business through an LLC, the general rule is the owners are not liable for the debts or obligations of the LLC. Wouldn’t you rather start from the position that you are not liable for anything (except your own acts and omissions) instead of the position that you are liable for everything?

Bottom Line: I believe it is foolish to operate a business without adequate insurance coverage and without operating the business through a limited liability company or a corporation.

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