Question:  I intend to file Articles of Organization with the California Secretary of State to create a new California LLC.  Should I reserve the LLC’s name with the California Secretary of State?

Answer:  Almost always no because:

  • If the name is available for the LLC it has been available from the beginning of time up to the moment the California Secretary of State grants the reservation.
  • The fact the California Secretary of State reserves the name of a to be formed LLC does not mean the name can actually be used by the to be formed LLC.  Although nobody else can use the reserved name for a California entity while the reservation is active you won’t know if the Secretary of State will actually allow the LLC to be formed with the name until you file the Articles of Organization and the Secretary of State approves it.
  • The reservation is expires after 60 days.
  • Its a waste of $10.

If you do want to reserve a name for your new California limited liability company just follow the instructions on and file the California Secretary of State’s Name Reservation Request form.